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  Accommodations and Food - Private Retreat Cabins & Ayurvedic Meals
We offer several types of accommodation here at Rasayana Cove which are designed to reflect the natural setting of this Florida country retreat.  All the cabins are constructed of natural materials with pine or cypress siding, and include large wooden decks to surround the interior space.


Cabin in the woods perfect for a meditation retreat or silent retreat, and porch of meditation cabin.

Forest Hermitage Cabin

This cabin is nestled under an aged oak hammock with breathtaking resurrection ferns growing on the oak branches.  It is ideal for one person to retreat in solitude with only the sounds of birds and nearby cows.  A small bedroom opens to an interior porch with a private treatment room attached.  A large wooden deck with benches overlooks the woods and offers a space for our clients to rest in total privacy.  Those seeking an opportunity to meditate in quiet would find this cabin the perfect retreat.

For aesthetic and environmental reasons, all electrical power at this end of Rasayana Cove is harvested directly from the Florida sunshine.


Water View Cabin

Enjoy this sunset view from the cabin for 2 by the pond while receiving Ayurveda rejuvenation treatments.Our cabin for 2 overlooks a private spring-fed pond adorned with water lilies.  This is a newly constructed cabin, handcrafted with antique pine flooring and Florida cypress siding.  There is a fully equipped kitchenette and a treatment room, as well as a private deck beside a gurgling stream.  The wood deck is large enough for 2 people to practice yoga and our guests enjoy meals at the outdoor table.  This cabin is nestled under an old oak tree that provides shade while allowing a panoramic view of the meadow and lily pond.  At this cabin full electricity is provided so air conditioning is available as well as all the comforts of home.




Tree House

The Tree House retreat cabin is ideal for a meditation retreat. Sleeps 2 or more people; supplied with full kitchen.Located in the shelter of an oak hammock, this is the original cracker house of the property. It stands 5 feet above the ground with a 12' wide porch surrounding it to allow for a panoramic view of the fields and pond. Horse Creek flows nearby so water fowl are often visible. The cabin sleeps 2 or more people. It is supplied with a full kitchen so that occupants may cook their own meals if they wish. This is an ideal cabin for a meditation retreat with or without Ayurvedic treatments.



Temple House

Named for Vastu architecture from India and its resemblance to an Eastern temple this is the main house at Rasayana Cove. It is the primary residence of the owners, Julia and Dinesh Mader, who designed it to suit the Florida climate. The spacious cupola offers sleeping accommodation for groups during workshops and group retreats. A large oak dining table welcomes all participants to share Ayurvedic meals together. The house is surrounded by a wrap around verandah - a relaxing place to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.



Daily we renew our union with Mother Nature when we sit to eat of Her bounty. Our capacity to transform this bounty into nutrients that feed our tissues is determined by our digestive fire.  All the meals at Rasayana Cove are prepared with this goal -- to facilitate the absorption of these nutrients and bring nourishment to all tissues. We begin with primary sources -- whole grains, organic vegetables and fruits, dairy, and nuts; and mix spices artfully to enhance taste and digestibility.  

While learning Ayurvedic cooking explore combinations of flavors that delight the palate.There is ample time to watch the cooking process and learn simple methods that may be used at home. Preferences for certain foods and spices according to an individual's constitution and seasonal changes are all explained in an easy manner in the familiarity of a cozy kitchen.  When our guests wish to observe silence they have the option of eating alone in their cabin, and the staff delivers their meals to them freshly prepared, contained in a stainless-steel tiffen carrier. Learn more about Ayurvedic cooking.

Retreat in central Florida on a 25 acre nature reserve. Meditation, Kerala Ayurveda oil massage, and personalized Ayurvedic cooking. Private cabin for a solitary meditation retreat or a couples cabin for pairs. www.ayurvedicretreat.com rasayana@cyberstreet.com

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