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Please contact us to discuss a program created for your specific needs.





Julia and Dinesh Mader

Julia and Dinesh Mader


Rasayana Cove Ayurvedic Retreat


4224 Solomon Rd., Ona, FL  33865 USA


We specialize in personalized retreats of 7 days, 4 days, weekends or just for the day. Rasayana Cove offers retreats of Ayurveda and meditation throughout the year. In addition to individual and couples retreats, our facilities can accommodate groups for special workshops, meditators, and Ayurvedic clinicians seeking a natural setting to receive their clients for Panchakarma.



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Retreat in central Florida on a 25 acre nature reserve. Meditation, Kerala Ayurveda oil massage, and personalized Ayurvedic cooking. Private cabin for a solitary meditation retreat or a couples cabin for pairs. www.ayurvedicretreat.com rasayana@cyberstreet.com

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