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Rasayana Treatments & Panchakarma Ayurveda Treatments
Private treatment room with hand crafted cedar table and kundalini stand for Ayurvedic massage; abhyanga, pizhichil, and shirodhara using oils from the Ayurvedic clinics of Kerala, India.The treatments offered at Rasayana Cove originate from the Panchakarma clinics of south India and are presented with detail to authenticity. They are known as dhara meaning "a continuous flow". This continuity not only refers to the actual flow of the herbalized oils, but on a more subtle level to the ongoing feeling of contentment and well-being which results from these treatments. After the retreat, guests return home with methods of self-care that support their physical flexibility and immunity, and strengthen their emotional and mental wellness.

The oiling is performed on hand-crafted tables of Canadian cedar. All vessels used in the treatments are of coconut, copper, and other natural materials. In order to offer our clients lasting benefits from our retreat programs we maintain the integrity of the Kerala style of performing each Ayurvedic treatment. With this commitment to tradition we do not alter the programs to suit a fast American style spa experience.

Central to these treatments is the quality of the herbal oil. All oils used at Rasayana Cove come from India where they are prepared in Ayurvedic clinics in accordance with the classical texts of Ayurveda. We then choose the specific oil to best suit our client's personal needs. See Ayurvedic Oils.

Prescribed by Ayurveda during the transition of the seasons, these rasayana treatments act to empower the sense of self during transitions in life's journey. This many refer to a change in career, health, relationship, spirituality, and natural changes in the rhythms of the body such as menstruation and menopause.



The combination of herbalized oils and gentle warmth make this massage a deeply restful and rejuvenating experience. Specific oils are chosen according to the Ayurvedic constitution and presenting issues. Since the life-style of our culture increases Vata dosha (irregularity and anxiety), receiving abhyanga is a powerful means of balancing well-being. We also assist our guests in the art of self-massage for daily renewal.


Also referred to as Sarvangadhara meaning "flow over all the body." Two therapists simultaneously apply gentle streams of oil over the entire body. The warmth and herbal properties of the oil wash away chronic tension, lodged deeply in muscle tissue and the joints. A sense of warmth deep in the bones is experienced. This treatment assists in the release of toxins, not only in the material body but also in the subtle body of feelings. The physical body feels rejuvenated; and the "ahamkara" or "self" feels a renewed assurance in the joy and sweetness of living.


"Thou anointest my head with oil. My cup runneth over."

Shirodhara is a stream of herbalized oil gently flowing across the brow and over the top of the head. It is rejuvenating for the senses, most of which are located in the head. This treatment is deeply calming for the nervous system and has been very effective in cases of insomnia and high blood pressure. Shirodhara brings a profound stillness to the mind which induces a meditative state.


Panchakarma Treatments

Basti - Of all the treatments in Panchakarma, basti is considered the most effective. This is because it reduces conditions that are caused by exacerbated Vata dosha. The effect of basti is to ease lower back pain, reduce insomnia, lower stress and nervousness, and gently ease conditions of chronic constipation by lubricating the colon. Oil and herbs are warmed and the client is assisted in self-administration of the basti fluids to the rectum. This induces a feeling of restfulness and even sleep. The procedure is gentle and comfortable.


Virechana - Of the 5 procedures in Panchakarma, Virechana acts to remove residual toxins in the small intestine. In this gentle purgation therapy various cleansing herbs and oils are ingested over a series of days. Virechana acts to reduce conditions of high Pitta dosha where there are impurities in the blood, congested liver and gall bladder, low grade fever, and headaches. It is recommended as a healthful cleanse for individuals with high Pitta dosha and during seasonal changes.


Nasya - Nasya is the administration of herbal substances to the nasal passages. It is a Panchakarma treatment that encourages elimination of toxins in the area above the neck. The client receives a head massage with warm oil followed by hot moisture to the head especially the sinus area. Then herbal oil drops are applied in the nose and the cleansing process begins. This Panchakarma treatment improves memory and concentration, reduces sinus congestion and allergies; and assists in conditions of insomnia, headaches, and weakened sense of smell and taste.


Day Experience

Come with your partner or a friend to explore what we are about. In the morning we determine your Ayurvedic constitution considering vitality and emotional well-being, offering life-style recommendations. We then cook lunch so that you may observe the use of spices for taste and digestion, according to your Ayurvedic constitution. After your lunch you are welcome to enjoy the premises and have the use of the guest cabin. Later in the afternoon you will both receive abhyanga, an hour and a half oiling and bathing treatment. Tea and a sweet snack are served before departure in the evening. For more information read Day Experience.


See our Special Retreat for Couples and the Residential Couples Retreat.

For group workshops, see Ayurvedic Day Workshops.

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Retreat in central Florida on a 25 acre nature reserve. Meditation, Kerala Ayurveda oil massage, and personalized Ayurvedic cooking. Private cabin for a solitary meditation retreat or a couples cabin for pairs. www.ayurvedicretreat.com rasayana@cyberstreet.com

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