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Residential Couples Retreat at Rasayana Cove Ayurvedic Retreat
Couples retreats at Rasayana Cove are customized to meet your needs. Experience Ayurveda in a beautiful natural setting.

The private waterview retreat cabin at Rasayana Cove is an ideal place for couples to relax, renew, and return to nature in the woods of central Florida.Couples retreats offer an opportunity to enjoy a slower pace with comfort and rest while delighting in the sights and sounds of a beautiful natural setting. Rasayana Cove is located in central Florida amid cattle ranches and orange groves. The retreat property borders wilderness Horse Creek where we sometimes see deer, wild turkey, many water birds, and playful otters. Since there are no neighbors on 3 sides of the property the night skies are brilliant with stars.

We co-create with you a customized program that will address both of your health needs. All your Ayurvedic treatments are performed in a private treatment room located inside the couples cabin. Our massage oils are of the highest quality, prepared by Ayurvedic doctors in herbal pharmacies in Kerala, India. Here at Rasayana Cove we specialize in traditional methods of presenting each treatment program. Whereas the American spa industry has incorporated Ayurvedic treatments for a fast paced culture, we ask clients to set aside time for their healing journey to experience authentic Ayurveda and to receive lasting results.

Since we do not receive more than one couple and one single person at any one time we can offer personalized attention to our clients. This allows an opportunity to learn details about your Ayurvedic constitution and acquire the knowledge of cooking for you and your partner's specific health needs. Each day the noon dinner is shared in the main house and there is time to speak about Ayurveda as it applies to your family. Breakfasts are delivered to your cabin where you can rest in bed if you wish. Evening meals are enjoyed in the privacy of your cabin on the hand hewn mahogany table. The cabin includes a fridge, stove top to prepare teas, and a porcelain sink.

We welcome the opportunity to receive couples wanting to renew their relationship. The presence of an abiding Spirit in the woods and waterways, and a ritual at the sacred fire place acts to create a memorable sharing for a couple seeking to revitalize their union.

Julia and Dinesh Mader have been practicing Ayurveda in Florida since 1994 and prior to that time they hosted wilderness retreats with Dr. Robert Svoboda teaching Ayurveda in the pristine nature of Canada. Julia lived 8 years in India during her 20's learning the Yogic and Ayurvedic art of living with health. She cooks with ease to create delicious curries and enjoys teaching the use of spices to enhance taste and assimilation of nutrients. Dinesh Mader is a graduate of Dr. Lad's Ayurvedic college and has completed training in India at the Ayurvedic College in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Both are committed to assisting the transition of Ayurveda from India's culture to North America while retaining the authenticity of the rasayana treatment programs. 


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